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One word that describes this week… tired. Last week, was my last week of work, thus the final paycheck. We have been saving along the way but there is still so much to do!  We are doing our best to ensure that this is a smooth transition. We have yet to purchase technology we will need such as a router, Roku (to watch movies and television via television apps). We also need more electrical travel adapters and HDMI cables. However, we were able to purchase a Chromecast by Google. This particular device uses the phone, tablet or computer as a remote controller. It’s really awesome.

I am also keeping in mind everything that the coordinators said during the pre-departure webinar:

  • International Driver’s License
  • More Passport Photo Copies
  • Copies of my Family’s Passports
  • Budget for at least 6 weeks for hotel stay
  • Rental Car (to travel back and forth to work)
  • Taxi Expenses
  • Budget for Food
  • Culture Shock
  • Gifting and table manners and so much more!

I am ready for it all! We are trying not to dip in our savings, but it is hard when trying to prepare. Recently, the air conditioner went in our home. Our home is old and we have window units. We found a temporary solution by replacing it with one of the units we already had and it works… at night. In the peak hours of Houston’s temperatures, inside feels like the outdoors, humid and hot. We will have to replace it as we have a few more weeks ahead. While fans work, they don’t get the job done of cooling the house completely.

This week, I am going to focus on all the documents required and get more copies. I actually have a UAE folder on my computer, which includes a number of key documents that I need for our move. I also plan to back this folder up on a USB drive as soon as possible.

For the next few weeks, each week is going to have a focus. Spending time with family is optimum. Those of you who are also preparing to leave soon can relate to the overwhelming emotions that you go through during this process. There is so much physical and mental preparation. You have to stay focused, otherwise mayhem can easily take over.


About PreSha Barnes

PreSha Barnes has been an educator for the past seven (7) years and will be embarking on her journey with her family to the UAE in August, 2014. She enjoys teaching but what really makes her tick is writing and sharing her work with others.