Her Excellency Amal Al Kous, Assistant Undersecretary for the School Environment and Activities Sector, Ministry of Education.
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Her Excellency Amal Al Kous, Assistant Undersecretary for the School Environment and Activities Sector, Ministry of Education.
Her Excellency Amal Al Kous, Assistant Undersecretary for the School Environment and Activities Sector, Ministry of Education.

H.E. Amal Al Kous: ‘Programme offers a variety of scientific activities with unique goals.’ 100 students attend training camp in Ireland.

The UAE Ministry of Education has announced that the second batch of 100 elite citizen students has left for Ireland on August 2, 2015 to engage in the qualitative practical training camp and programme. The programme aims to give students practical, scientific and life skills in some of the finest smart cities and best international scientific and industrial institutions. The move complements the Ministry’s plan to send over 400 male and female students to the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Ireland, and Singapore.

Last week, the Ministry of Education organised an introductory session at the Activities Building’s Theater in the Ministry’s office. Senior officials from the Ministry met students who have received the scholarship in order to explain the programme and its objectives as well as answer questions and clarify doubts from students and their parents.

The meeting was attended by 100 boys and girls along with the supervisors who will accompany them to Ireland along with the representative of the authority in charge of the programme. The students were divided into three travel groups, with the first leaving on Monday, August 2, 2015, and the other two departing this week.

Her Excellency Amal Al Kous, Assistant Undersecretary for the School Environment and Activities Sector, Ministry of Education, emphasised that the programme is a unique experience given its goals and objectives. She explained that the programme includes a variety of events such as scientific activities and exploration which will hone student skills by learning through modern sources. This is in line with the Ministry’s efforts to provide students with 21st century skills to enable them to take responsibility for transforming the country into a knowledge-based economy.

Explaining further, H.E. Al Kous said that students who are among the best in public schools will engage in a variety of workshops that will help them build up various practical and scientific skills essential for the development of their creativity and innovation. In addition, visits to important landmarks in Ireland will be organised in order to provide students with key skills and scientific expertise.

She stated that the programme prepared for students will include visits to universities and institutes that have exemplified excellence in creativity and innovation, particularly in scientific and technical pursuits. Participants will also undertake several expeditions, undergo a variety of workshops, and conduct interviews with important figures related to creativity and innovation, among many other related events.

H.E. Al Kous said that bringing balance to a student’s personality and improving 21st century skills are all goals that the Ministry is seeking for students. She noted that foreign programmes and camps are important contributory tools in the achievement of these goals.

She explained that the second batch of 100 students who left for Ireland will be subject to the programmes prepared in advance in collaboration with the most prestigious educational and industrial institutions in Ireland. This will enlighten them about career and educational opportunities, improve their knowledge and life experiences, and make them more capable of choosing a profession that is most appropriate for them, consequentially building a generation of scientists that the UAE will rely on in the future.

H.E. Al Kous mentioned that these students will gain new experiences that will help them to engage in a successful professional life, introduce them to the importance of technology in the 21st century, train them on work according to the best practices of global institutions, and raise their scientific and practical competence in general. Additionally, she said that the programme will equip them with scientific, life and practical skills that will refine their personalities and help the UAE to rise to the highest levels internationally in various fields. The initiative will prepare a generation of UAE nationals who can compete globally and assume leadership positions with confidence and competence, complementing the visions and aspirations of the wise leadership.

Furthermore, she showed that the programme, which will take place in Ireland, is diverse and comprises internal scientific lectures and foreign entertainment activities. It will also focus on teaching English, with students to sit for an entry level exam upon their arrival and receive lessons in English according to their level during their stay in Ireland.

The introduction meeting with the students included viewing a video about areas that they will visit as well as their accommodations. They have been urged to exercise good manners and present a positive image of the UAE when in Ireland and have been encouraged to adhere to the culture and customs of the UAE and Islam, while learning about the culture of others in line with the customs and traditions of Islamic religion. 

Participants listen attentively during the introductory session held at the Activities Building Theater in the Ministry of Education’s office.
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