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Ministry of Education introduces electronic system for delivering answer sheets directly to Heads of Examination Committees. New system introduced for the first time in examination process.

The UAE Ministry of Education’s Department of Academic Calendar and Exams has announced the implementation of the latest electronic systems in conducting exams starting June 14, 2015. All examination committees for Grade 3 to 11 were provided with answers sheets for exams electronically. The Ministry is using the system for first time after successfully consolidating the short examinations for the second semester of the current educational session. Moreover, it has secured all procedures to implement the same system for the 12th grade exams which will begin early next week in accordance with its directives to utilise modern IT technologies.

Only the Heads of Examination Committees have access to the new system via a special code which enables the answer sheets to be downloaded the from the Ministry’s system one hour after the completion of the exam and then handed over to the teachers-in-charge for correction and grading. A similar process will be applied to all 12th grade Examination Correction Centers across the UAE, with the designated Heads of the Centers to receive the examination forms.

Prior to using this system, the Ministry of Education used to send the answer sheets of the examinations of all grades, including the 12th, by e-mail to the educational zones. These zones, in turn, used to print them and deliver them to the schools in which examinations took place and the centers that hold the correction and grading process for 12th grade papers. Such a lengthy procedure made answer sheets vulnerable to errors that could affect the scheduled time for correction and grading.

The new system aims to provide the highest levels of security, confidentiality, accuracy and speed in the handling of answer sheets. In addition, it will save the time and effort of teachers involved in the correction process who would benefit greatly from the guidebook with model answers for reviewing answer sheets.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Education has completed all preparations for the 12th grade exams, giving directives to all those responsible for exams affairs within the Ministry and various committees to create a conducive atmosphere for boosting students’ performance in exams. It also reassured students that the Guidance Teams of each course will closely follow up all matters within the committees, including the Senior Guidance Team. They will deal with students’ comments or questions, check on their conditions in general, and ensure their welfare.

- Ministry of Education