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The Ministry of Education recently honoured a total of 257 of its retirees for their efforts and dedication to work. For the first time, the Ministry hosted a celebration at its headquarters in recognition of their loyalty and passion while still performing their duties. H.E. Fawzia Hassan Gharib, Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Operations, and various officials from different departments attended the ceremony.

H.E. Gharib emphasized that the Ministry holds in high regard all its employees for their significant contributions to the local education sector. H.E. thanked the retired staff for their efforts and continuous commitment to the Ministry. She added that the celebration is an expression of gratitude, especially for those who have spent long years working for the Ministry to help improve the country’s education level.

The Assistant Undersecretary further said that H.E. Hussain Al Hammadi, Minister of Education, has always given his full support and encouragement to all staff, from the administrators to teachers to technicians, to inspire them to perform their duties and tasks to the best of their abilities.

He said the Ministry will hold similar future celebration launched to honour and show its appreciation to every hardworking and dedicated employee. The Ministry of Education consistently aims to attract the most competent and highly experienced staff who will continue the work and legacy left behind by their former colleagues.