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As champions of educational progress and innovation, the Middle East Education Thought Leadership Forum (METLF) stands as a beacon where the foremost minds come together to sculpt the future of education. Our prior gatherings have been monumental platforms where transformative dialogues and solutions have catalyzed sweeping advancements across several countries.

With much enthusiasm, we cordially invite you to sponsor the 3rd METLF, set to unfold at the Millennium Hotel, Gloucester Road, London, UK, from November 22-23, 2023. Recognizing the monumental role that you and your esteemed institution play in education’s evolving tapestry, we are eager to benefit from your profound insights at our forum.

The 3rd Middle East Education Thought Leadership Forum (METLF) taking place in London, UK, on the 22nd and 23rd of November, 2023. This forum serves as a platform for universities to foster partnership and collaboration. It has been a cornerstone of our collective efforts, and your involvement is paramount to its continued success.

Key Highlights:

Ethical Considerations: A prime focus will be on fostering creativity in education, which is pivotal for nurturing skills like critical thinking, innovation, and global citizenship. This session will delve into addressing the ethical conundrums creativity poses, such as originality vs. conformity and respect for intellectual property rights.

Accessibility: With technology’s potential to democratize education, discussions will emphasize ensuring accessibility for marginalized groups. Strategies to overcome barriers related to infrastructure, affordability, and inclusion will be prioritized.

Effectiveness: The importance of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) will be highlighted, emphasizing the need for learner-centric, interdisciplinary, and action-oriented pedagogies and curricula.

Collaboration: The forum will champion the value of collaboration between higher education entities, governments, businesses, and civil society. In our digital age, technology can bolster collaboration, but establishing trust and mutual benefits remains crucial.

Student Mental Well-being: An essential facet of the event will revolve around student mental health. Sessions will explore how technology can be harnessed to provide interventions, self-help tools, and digital peer support. Additionally, the forum will address factors affecting student mental well-being, like academic pressures, financial strains, and cyberbullying, to name a few.

The 3rd Middle East Education Thought Leadership Forum promises to be a beacon for progressive dialogues, promoting creativity and innovative solutions in education. Its focus on aligning education with the SDGs underscores the vital role education plays in shaping our future.