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The MENA STEM Summit brings together educational professionals specialising in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) with industry members in the MENA region. The mission is to advance K – 12 STEM education, and this Summit will offer lessons learned from programs around the world and help to develop an action plan to increase quality and innovation in STEM education throughout the region.

Kevin Simpson, KDSL Managing Director, says, “We are excited to coordinate a STEM Summit in Dubai to highlight what programs look like from around the region and the world.” The event will be a professionally rewarding two days packed with keynote addresses, breakout sessions and networking opportunities, all designed to provide participants with practical tips towards supporting a clear vision of STEM education.

Dr. Carolyn Hayes, National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) President, says, “The STEM Summit will be an opportunity for collaboration among those who attend as well as an opportunity to recognise the value when the STEM subjects are truly integrated in a curriculum.”

MENA STEM Summit speakers include:

  • Kenneth Wesson, The Science Master
  • Carolyn Hayes, the President of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)
  • Selwyn van Zeller, UK STEM speaker and owner of Maths and Science in a Suitcase
  • Caroline Alliston, UK 2015 Alastair Graham Bryce Awardee/author/engineer

Xiomara Arroyo, Alpha Publishing says, “We at Alpha Publishing are committed to delivering a global sense of STEM in the educational materials we publish. STEM is the future and it is a necessity in education as our student minds and technologically grounded societies develop concurrently.

The language of STEM is global and educators from schools of all curricula are encouraged to attend. To register and view the agenda and presenter biographies, please visit   Early registration ends on 1 April at 1650 AED per attendee or 1550 AED if a school sends 5 or more attendees.  From 2 April onwards registration is 1800 AED per attendee or 1650 AED is a school sends 5 or more attendees.