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Mayoor Pvt. School Abu Dhabi has distinguished itself in the field of STEM education, earning the prestigious STEM MENA AWARD, which recognises effective STEM education among over 100 competing schools. This accomplishment was followed by launching an Aerospace Ambassador Program and creating a dedicated STEM Aerospace Lab in collaboration with Global Aerosports, marking a first in the UAE.

The school’s commitment to space science is evident in its extracurricular offering, a comprehensive 40-hour program targeting students in grades 6 through 12. This program encompasses aeromodelling, model rocketry, space and drone technology, astronomy, and design with 3D printing and Arduino-based electronics. Emphasising practical application, 80% of the course allows students to engage in hands-on creation of various models and devices.

The program culminated in a student-led Aerospace Exhibition, showcasing their projects to peers across the school and neighbouring CBSE schools, conducted with ADEK’s full endorsement.

The school initiated an advanced aerospace technology program integrating physics and math into aerospace studies to enhance its educational offerings further. This approach met and exceeded educational expectations, with students surpassing initial performance benchmarks.

Guided by an experienced instructor known as MRK, who has an impressive track record of teaching STEM subjects across various countries, the Aerospace Lab is equipped with resources like flight simulators to stimulate student interest and facilitate a collaborative learning environment.

Throughout this educational journey, students have developed various skills, including leadership, problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity, which are crucial for careers in the evolving aerospace sector.

The event received notable attention from Ms. Leisa Grace Willson, Editorial Director of Teach Middle East, who commended the innovative capabilities displayed by the students. The exhibition served as a significant milestone, uniting students and educators in recognising the achievements in aerospace education and laying the groundwork for future advancements in the field.