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Mathletics is an online mathematics resource, specifically designed for personalised teaching and learning.  Used by 4.8 million children in over 16,500 schools across the world, it is proven to significantly increase levels of student engagement, confidence and motivation and to improve attainment and progress in maths.

Mathletics supports the delivery of the maths curriculum from KS1 to KS4. Courses are broken down into topics representing major areas of focus within each year, including pre- and post-assessment, all mapped to curriculum requirements.

Students have access to a vast range of curriculum-aligned learning resources (activities, eBooks, a new ‘Multiverse’ times tables challenge and videos) providing them with all the tools they need to become successful learners. Age-appropriate learning spaces motivate and captivate students while a traffic light system helps students drive their own learning through excellent visibility of progress and results.

For teachers, time-saving features such as Dynamic Results provide an immediate snapshot of student results. Automated reports, simple customisation capabilities and the ‘Assign’ functionality allow teachers to schedule and plan ahead.  Mathletics’ content is flexible enough to be used for classroom use, group work, discussions, investigations, one-on-one learning and self-directed learning. Teachers can assign work for a single student, a group or a whole class based on results, enabling effective data-driven teaching and learning.

Mathletics has also been shown to effectively support a mastery approach, help foster a growth mindset towards maths and build parental engagement.

New from Mathletics 

Multiverse is a brand new immersive number challenge, designed to increase multiplication fact fluency and recall. Students use their knowledge and recall of multiplication facts in a story context to scan asteroids, harvest resources, navigate through space and even defeat space pirates!

Students are able to choose the game mode that best support their learning style and can customise their difficulty level, as well as being able to choose to target specific factors. Students will solve thousands of multiplication questions as they adventure through space, earning exciting rewards along the way. Instant feedback encourages self-correction and saves teachers hours of marking time.

Mathseeds is a digital maths resource, created specifically for the needs of early maths learners from Reception to Year 2.

Mathseeds maximises engagement with:

  • Built-in diagnostic assessment which ensures all children begin at an appropriate level and progress at their own rate on activities that provide both instruction and practice.
  • Hundreds of highly interactive, sequential activities, ensuring key concepts are learnt in-depth, which greatly improves long-term retention.
  • Engaging, easy-to-navigate lessons that incorporate the systematic and explicit teaching of mathematical content, skills and strategies.
  • A powerful reward system.


The program is aligned with the UK National Curriculum with a curriculum matrix for easy mapping.

A typical Mathseeds lesson begins with an engaging step-by-step introduction to the task, before moving on to guided and independent practice activities. Mathseeds challenges young learners to build their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

For teachers, automated online scoring and reports offer instant feedback on individual pupils’ progress and achievements. The Teacher Toolkit contains a great range of extra resources, including digital big books, downloadable detailed lesson plans, worksheets and more.

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