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Markus Schwarz
Table Tennis Captain & Academic

Markus Schwarz - Al Bateen

As the captain of the Table Tennis team, what are two important qualities that you believe leaders should possess?

I think that good communication skills and being open-minded are two good qualities a leader should have.

How does table tennis help you to excel academically or vice versa?

Table tennis helps me to release stress and tension, so I can refocus on my academics.

Who is your role model? Why?

My father is my role model. I learnt everything from him and he encouraged me to take up table tennis.

When you are not focusing on table tennis or schoolwork, how do you spend your spare time?

I enjoy playing football, reading books and listening to music.

You have excelled academically, what are your plans for future studies?

I hope to complete the IBDP with an excellent score and apply to a prestigious university perhaps in the UK or America.

Marius & Saulius Pakstys
Twins and Tennis Champions

Saulius and Marius - Al Bateen

Marius, what or who inspired you to take up tennis?

My parents inspired me. I was always very active, they wanted me to do some sort of activity, they suggested tennis so I started.

Saulius, what are three things that you usually do when preparing for an international tournament?

One of the first things that I do is, I practice all the shots. I make sure that i get enough rest, and talk to my coach about what to do during the tournament. I also schedule my commitments exactly.

Who is your favourite teacher? Why?

Mr Bastow is my favourite teacher. He’s very lively and he helps a lot. He is very creative. He’s a problem solver. It helps to have a teacher who compliments you and believes in you.

Marius, you have excelled in playing tennis, what are some of your other areas of interest?

I enjoy art, especially painting and drawing.

Saulius, what are your plans for future studies?

I hope to get a scholarship to a very good university. And I may take a gap year to travel and play tennis, let us see how that works out.

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