Portrait of group of friends taking a selfie with smartphone.
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Portrait of group of friends taking a selfie with smartphone.

The best weekends don’t just happen when you are on vacation. You can enjoy meaningful weekends at home, with others or alone. A typical weekend may include random activities with a few missed opportunities that you promise you’ll get to next weekend.

Thankfully, there are strategic steps that you can take to have weekends that are meaningful and almost as good as a day at the beach. Here’s how:

Limit mobile use

Some of us tend to go “crazy” with our phones on the weekend because there are eight extra hours in our day to check it incessantly. Checking in on friends or looking up movie times is okay, but constant texting can leave you immobile – pinned to the couch or bed for hours. It may also raise your anxiety levels and distract you from getting on with your weekend plans. Use the weekends to meet those friends you’ve been texting all week for coffee or to join you for a movie. This will grow your friendship much faster than the speed of a text.

Leave errands for weekdays

Just because you have the extra time on the weekends doesn’t mean you need to fill it up. Regulate errands and chores to weekdays or reserve less than 3 hours of your weekend time to get them done. You can accomplish grocery shopping, dry cleaning drop- offs, and stocking up on stationary after work. If not, consider doing it first thing friday mornings. Get it completely out of the way. These time-consuming, draining errands are unforgiving. A quick trip to the store can turn into a 5-hour chase for that proverbial “cream” or food seasoning. Make a list of all errands on Saturday evening, and complete them between Sunday – Thursday. Your weekends will change dramatically with this one tip.

Plan weekends in advance

Is there a concert you want to see or a friend with a birthday coming up? you can plan your weekend months in advance with little effort. List the weekend things you “must do” and spread them out over several months, with a reminder 2 weeks before. This will put your weekends on autopilot where you don’t have to think about them.

Do nothing

What about using friday or Saturday to do nothing at all? Allot one day for a guilt-free, errand-free recharge. The weekends are the time to restore and replenish. Grab your snacks and download your movies during the week. When friday or Saturday hits, you can stay under the covers with your favourite movie. Black out curtains are a must have!

Plan social time

Do you belong to a community group or writers circle? Don’t miss your scheduled meeting to give back and feed your own curiosities. Do something for a few hours that serves someone else or a project you want to launch.

Weekends deserve your attention as much as your weekdays. It is time reserved just for you to do what you please. Good weekends rebuild your focus, energy and stamina one month at a time. Don’t let another one go to waste.

By Maryann Reid

Maryann Reid, a personal coach and educator from New York, has a passion for helping women create structure and safety in their busy lives. To connect with her, visit www.booksandbuzz.com

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