Keep your manicure looking great.
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Keep your manicure looking great.
Keep your manicure looking great.

Educators have been known to sport trendy looks and when it comes to their nails, it is no different. Most tend to choose demure colours so as to not distract from their overall appearance. Whether it is that you go bold with your choice of colour or not, the fact remains… no one likes to look at a smudged or chipped nail.

Most ladies will agree that after they get a manicure, the last thing they want is for it to chip or smudge. When this happens, that initial feeling of sassiness and confidence diminishes because even if it is a small chip, that is all they see.

While some ladies enjoy the therapeutic feeling of having a professional do their manicure, there are others who choose to do it themselves in the comfort of their homes.

If you are keen on doing your own manicure or just one done and want to make it last; these tips are great to use.


The number one threat to manicures is a lack of moisture. Apply cuticle oil daily to your nail. The moisture will prevent your nails from peeling underneath the polish. Also, apply a protein polish as a base coat and topcoat will put the protein directly into your nail bed. This is key because the protein on your nail plate is what’s going to keep your polish on your nails while strengthening your nail between manicures.


Soaking feels nice and makes you feel a bit pampered. However, when you let your hands soak in a bowl of soapy water, it can actually reduce the bond between your polish and nails. Instead of soaking, give your nails a good wipe-down with a remover-soaked pad to eliminate this problem.


Buffering the nail before applying polish is necessary for a smooth application. Do not cut excess skin around cuticles. This could cause bleeding and infections if not done properly by a professional. Keep your nails trimmed. They will grow back stronger. Opt for a few of the newest base coats. They do more than fill in ridges and bumps and can make nail polish hold better.


The gel finish is recommended for people who are on the go. So it is perfect for the busy educator. To lock in colour and shine, paint your nails as you normally would and finish with a gel topcoat. You’ll get long-lasting gloss minus the time-consuming removal process of a salon gel manicure. Keep in mind that gel manicures can be drying to your nail bed. To counteract dryness, use your cuticle oil daily.


After applying a topcoat, run the brush along the tips to prevent chipping. Do an extra layer on thumbs and index fingernails, which tend to chip first. This is one step that you definitely should not skip!


Once you have finished polishing and sealing, take the time to allow your nails to dry properly. Do not sit near a fan. A common perception is that the air from the fan will help to dry you nails faster but the draft in the air will just create bubbles and ruin your polish. Do not flail your hands in the air either. Your risk for smudging and creating tiny bubbles in your nail polish becomes greater. There are options such as drying drops and fast drying nail polishes that can help to minimise the time you spend drying. However, if you really want your manicure to last, exercise some patience.

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