Leading with Heart: Albie Huyser’s Journey in Education

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Meet Albie Huyser, the new principal of GEMS Founders School in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi. Albie shares her inspiring journey from rural South Africa to becoming a prominent educational leader in the UAE. She discusses her global teaching career, including her impactful tenure in the UK and the hurdles and triumphs along the way.

Leadership, as Albie sees it, is about relationships, teamwork, and a commitment to growth and well-being. Reflecting on her transition from GEMS Cambridge in Sharjah to Masdar City, she highlights the importance of fairness, respect, and resilience in fostering an excellent learning environment for students, teachers, and parents.

Albie also candidly addresses the challenges of navigating the educational landscape in the UAE, balancing personal and professional life, and her unique experience of being married to another principal. Discover her vision for academic excellence and building a supportive community with a diverse team of teachers. Tune in to hear Albie’s plans for making top-tier education accessible and her ambitious goals for the new school in Masdar City.

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