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Imagine this: You’re sitting at home scratching a lottery ticket with a shiny coin, as each section is revealed, you begin scratching even more vigorously. After the scratching is done, you notice something…

You won the lottery!

You immediately jump from your couch, and begin running around the house screaming in jubilation. Your family thinks that you have gone into a frenzy. You calm down a bit and finally catch your breath.

Your family members continue to watch you anxiously, until someone bellows, “say something!”

Hyperventilating, you shout, “we won the lottery!”

Everyone joins in the screaming and dancing around, celebrating with you.

This is exactly how we felt after we received our email with our departure information.

There are many emotions that we are feeling right now. Our happiness is mixed with a tinge of sadness because like so many others, we are leaving friends and loved ones behind. In retrospect, I’m happy that we had the opportunity to spend time with our family.

Now that we have gotten our departure/travel information, my next area of focus is our daughter. I have been reading blogs and checking out websites that have information on how to keep a toddler entertained during a long flight. Some of the lists were quite lengthy, but I selected the following:

*Colouring books

*Magnetic doodle pad

*Mr. Potatoe Head Puzzle (it’s only 5 puzzle pieces, so they won’t get lost)

*Ipad with movies

*Favourite books we read at home

*Her favourite toy

*A new toy (It makes noises, so we won’t use it on the plane, but it’s a surprise for her when we receive accommodations, a welcome home gift for her)

As for us, we will be taking turns, attending to our daughter, reading and listening to our favourite tunes.

We are definitely overwhelmed with happiness, and are ready for the new journey!