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Helping teachers to ignite a love for Arabic language in young children, educators discussed fun and engaging new ways of teaching Arabic at the latest edition of Living Arabic, an event by Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

Fatma Al Marri, CEO of Dubai School Agency at KHDA highlighted the need to make Arabic language more interesting and fun for students.

“Arabic language is a way of life and every successful story should be shared at such events. We are all ambassadors of Arabic language, not just in schools but the community as well,” said Fatma.

Living Arabic unites all the creative teaching approaches under one umbrella and helps educators share successful teaching techniques with the school community.

“Arabic is a source of happiness for our children. Together with teachers, content developers and experts, we believe in helping students to have fun in learning this beautiful language,” said Fatma.

Al Ittihad Private School hosted the daylong conference on Saturday (27 February). Maysa Rashid Ghadeer, a member of the Federal National Council and a media expert and columnist delivered the keynote address at the event which was also attended by Dr Abdulla Al Karam, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director General of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

Nehad Saeed Al Shamsi, Principal, Al Ittihad Private School Jumeirah, said, “By working collaboratively to build Arabic language skills in students, we will help these students become part of a growing international community, helping them grow and succeed in life.”

More than 15 inspirational workshops, seminars and brainstorming sessions were hosted at the Living Arabic event to encourage discussions on new ways of transforming the Arabic language teaching and learning. Some of the sessions included cultural awareness while teaching Arabic, incorporating the use of Art Lab and Garage Band to teach Arabic, connecting the UAE National Agenda to the curriculum, assessing learning difficulties and transformation of classroom interaction.

Participants also joined in an interactive Arabic debate for students as schools also helped train other schools in preparation for the event. Students expressed themselves in Arabic and competed to share their views while refining their use of Arabic language and improving their public speaking skills.

An exhibition by ‘Sharjah Calligraphy Museum’ displayed art pieces involving Arabic language and highlighted how schools could take Arabic language teaching beyond classroom walls.

What is Living Arabic?

Living Arabic is a platform where educators come together to share and develop innovative solutions for language teaching and learning, pushing towards one common goal of providing a first-rate education for all UAE students, as outlined in the UAE National Agenda’s Vision 2021. The initiative came from students who participated in KHDA’s ‘What Works Arabic’ event. Living Arabic is organised by schools for schools.