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Inspiring students to look beyond their classroom, a new two-day camp is inviting students from Dubai’s private schools to connect with nature, wellbeing and discovery.

The ‘Discover treasures of Hatta’ programme transforms Hatta’s beautiful landscape and its community into an extension of the classroom.

Launched by Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) as part of the Hatta Wellbeing Campus, which is a part of the Hatta Development Plan, students aged 13 to 15 will experience activities that take them on a journey of discovery and learning.

Dr. Abdulla Al Karam, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director General of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), said, “The Hatta Wellbeing Campus really gives students an opportunity to push themselves while learning something new. It is a one of a kind opportunity that allows students to explore, connect and be active. It’s about discovering something new and enjoying the natural beauty of Hatta to reconnect with wellbeing and happiness.”

Participating schools will be given an opportunity to host students at the Hatta Wellbeing Campus which takes students to the Hatta Hill Park, Hatta Dam and JA Hatta Fort Hotel, part of JA Resorts & Hotels.

Dr. Abdulla Al Karam added, “The wellbeing campus has a lot of activities that encourage students to share new experiences and discover the place at their own pace. By introducing overnight camping this year, we are giving students a chance to experience more activities in Hatta.”

Designed to develop mindfulness as a tool towards wellbeing, the programme will provide opportunities for students to be challenged physically, emotionally and socially. Students will embark on a journey of discovery through the ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ – Give, Be Active, Connect, Keep Learning and Take Notice – with the aim to inspire the desire to take action for themselves and their own communities.

The ‘Discover The Treasures of Hatta’ programme is designed and delivered by Ground-Up Initiative (GUI), Ecoventure and and JA Hatta Fort Hotel, part of JA Resorts & Hotels.

Students from Dar El Marefa and Dubai British School will experience the programme on the first day hosted at the campus. This year – students will experience additional camping activities will include tent assembly, hiking, cooking, farming and mindfulness sessions.

Lai Hock, Founder of Ground-Up Initiative said, “We witnessed once again the positive impact of Hatta’s mountains and water on students and young adults. Everyone feels happy and rejuvenated as they hike through the mountains and get reminded to be mindful of not just their personal wellbeing but also the wellbeing of nature.”

Simon Cook, Commercial Director at Ecoventure said, “It is a fantastic opportunity to help students reconnect with nature and develop an understanding of how important it is to both nurture and be nurtured by the environment. Making strides to achieve this will help us to develop towards escaping urban living and being more sustainable. All this is intrinsically linked to our inter and intra personal relationships and our respect for one another and the environment as a whole.”

Students will be encouraged to connect with team mates and embrace the five ways to wellbeing on a daily basis. As part of the activities, the students also become socially aware and learn about sustainable practices.

The Hatta Wellbeing Campus is part of the Hatta Development Plan. To register for the programme as a school, visit or send an e-mail to