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Parents avoid school queues by signing school contract from home

Private school parents throughout Dubai are choosing to stay home to sign the Parent/School contract for this academic year. The contract is available online through the KHDA app, and takes 20 minutes to read and sign.

All parents in Dubai are required to sign the contract, which outlines their rights and responsibilities regarding their children’s’ education. The contract protects both parents and schools, and includes clauses on assessment, tuition fees, anti-bullying and other school policies.

Amal Belhasa, Chief of Compliance and Resolution Commission at the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) said: “One of the biggest investments parents in Dubai make is in their children’s education. The Parent/School contract protects this investment and helps parents and schools to have healthier, happier relationships. By reading and signing the contract through the app, parents can save time and energy.”

Anisah, a mother of three children in Dubai, recently signed each of her children’s contracts through the app. “The contract is great – it helps me to know exactly what I can expect from the school, and what they expect from me as well. Signing through the app was really easy – much better than having to wait in a long queue at school,” she said.

Parents in Dubai must sign the Parent/School Contract by September 30. Parents unable to access their children’s contract through the KHDA app are asked to speak to their school’s registrar.

How to sign the Parent/School contract in 5 easy steps

Download the KHDA app on your iOS or Android device

Go to the parents’ page

Sign up, or sign in using your Emirates ID, mobile number or email address

Click on your child’s name

Read & sign the contract!

– KHDA Media