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On February 14, 2017, KDSL Global released its first white paper, which examines the implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in American-curriculum schools in the MENA region and in the USA. KDSL Global is a USA and UAE-based leading learning organisation focused on empowering educators and education businesses globally. This white paper is entitled “Next Generation Science Standards in MENA American Curriculum Schools.”

Kevin Simpson, KDSL Global’s Managing Director stated, “Throughout the MENA region, schools and educators are working very hard to implement the Next Generation Science Standards. KDSL Global felt it was opportune to discuss the status of the implementation process in the US and in the region, as well as spotlight tools and resources for policymakers, school administrators, and teachers to create awareness around NGSS and help successfully deploy the science standards.” The white paper features the results of an NGSS survey administered to MENA educators in 2016 that tabulated their impressions of the standards. In addition, there are resources educators and administrators can use to support implementation.

Dr. Gabler, NGSS writer and KDSL Global Science Consultant added, “The NGSS are for all students and provide a framework for moving student learning from just ‘learning about’ to students ‘figuring out’.” Dr. Sunder, KDSL Global Associate Partner, agrees, “Implementing the NGSS in the classroom: it’s about the exciting creative struggle of exploring and engaging in scientific discovery together.” Sunder has recently collaborated with numerous groups on a document entitled “Aligning the NGSS with the IB curricula.” More can be found here

The white paper can be downloaded at:

The team has an NGSS Institute coming up in March at Clarion School in Dubai. Visit for more information.

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