Inside One of Saudi Arabia’s Most Progressive Schools with Dr Steffen Sommer

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In this podcast episode, we talk with Dr. Steffen Sommer, Director General of Misk Schools in Saudi Arabia, about his journey from working in the automotive industry to leading in education in the Middle East. 

He shares his experience with Misk Schools, a project initiated by the Saudi Crown Prince to combine international educational standards with Saudi cultural values. Dr. Sommer discusses his career shift, the role of multilingual education, and the strategies used to prepare Saudi students for global engagement.

We also look into the development of what makes Misk Schools unique and the Crown Prince’s vision for the school’s role in Saudi Arabia’s development. This institution aims to support Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 by providing high-quality education. We discuss the importance of investing in education and the decisions that help shape future leaders and innovators.

Finally, Dr. Sommer discusses combining traditional Saudi teaching methods with international expertise. He highlights the efforts to train a new generation of educators and the importance of adaptable leadership in a culturally diverse environment. This episode is for anyone interested in educational innovation and leadership, particularly in the Middle East’s evolving educational landscape.

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