How To Become Financially Free as An Expat Teacher Part 2 (Investing) With Steve Cronin

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Leisa Grace Wilson sits down again with Steve Cronin to discuss money and how educators working here in the Middle East and beyond can become financially free. This is part 2 of a two-part series. They discuss investments in this episode. This podcast is essential listening for all educators so please share this episode with your entire school. 

Steve Cronin is the founder of, helping expats (and locals) learn how to plan, save and invest by themselves quickly, sensibly and cheaply. He wants you to deal with your expensive debt, save for your future and get over your nervousness around investing. That way you can become financially independent much faster than you ever thought possible, even on a teacher’s salary. Steve has helped thousands of expats in the Middle East and around the world, being one of the few sources of unbiased personal information and not wanting to sell you any financial products. Steve studied psychology and advised banks and sovereign wealth funds, moving to Dubai in 2008 before realising his true calling was helping people to sort out their finances. Now he is a full-time Financial Independence coach through online courses and private sessions while giving talks at schools and companies. Steve believes in keeping things simple and practical, so you can invest with confidence even if you’re an English teacher and hate numbers!

Teachers get a 20% discount on his weekend workshops (next one 18/19 September 2021).

For more tips on managing your money, you can follow Steve on Instagram @DeadSimpleSaving and join his free online community at

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