How Did a Journalist Become a Principal in Dubai? Inside Chandini Misra’s Journey.

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Join us as we get to know Chandini Misra, the principal of Repton Al-Barsha, and hear about her journey from India to leading a school in Dubai. Starting as a science lover and becoming a journalist, Chandini eventually found her calling in education. Her story shows how following your passion can lead to making a real difference in students’ lives.

In this episode, we also dive into our shared interests in podcasts, music, and food. We explore Dubai’s food scene, talk about our cooking adventures, and how these experiences connect us to our roots. These conversations highlight how different hobbies and interests can influence who we are.

We also discuss the value of time, especially in family life and raising children. Chandini shares her insights on being a genuine leader, aligning personal values with professional goals, and finding satisfaction in her work. We look forward to the new chapter for Repton’s sixth form and the future it holds for its students, all while appreciating the strong connections between teachers and students. Tune in to this episode for a down-to-earth chat that will make you think about your journey and your impact on others.

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