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I want you to do something right now.  Please write one (1) sentence that conveys how you are feeling at this very moment.  Take a moment to close your eyes.  Listen to the wind inside of you.  When you are ready, speak and write the words that describe this very moment.  Please tell the truth.  Use whatever adjectives come to mind.  Share with yourself. 

Now, clench your fists very tight.  Tighter.  Slowly inhale and release.  As you release, visualize how you would like to feel throughout the school year – throughout your life.  Remember, I said, “feel,” not “do” or “accomplish,” feel.

Lately, feelings have gotten a bad rap.  Feelings are viewed as inconsequential, rhetorical, mindfulness mantras with little value beyond social media click-bait.  However, without being in touch with our feelings (the conduit for our thoughts), we become robotic, and at times, toxic. Be aware of the things, thoughts, people and ideas that give and take away your oxygen – your energy. 

“EVERY THOUGHT WE THINK IS CREATING OUR FUTURE,” said Louis L. Hay.   This you can do and will do either consciously or unconsciously.  Let’s choose to think positive thoughts and create dynamic futures

BEFORE the mountains of paper work, rules, syllabi, textbooks, lesson plans, supply purchases, schedules and location changes inundate your life, DECIDE how you want to feel during any unforeseen personal or professional crisis.

Affirm: “I will lead. I shall succeed.”  We awaken our platinum powers by acting as if we have already achieved what we desire.

One way for you to do this is to create your own algorithms that will help you to anticipate challenges and chaos and address the unknown.  This is not selfish, this is self-preservation.  We know that outcomes cannot be fully predicted, nor can we determine the behavior of others.  What we can do is to have solution systems in place, for ourselves.

Computational neuroscientist Dr. Frances Chance, principal member of the technical staff in the Data-Driven and Neural Computing department at Sandia National Laboratories, is currently examining ways in which dragon flies can help improve missile defense systems.  Based in California and New Mexico, USA, Chance’s research explores the accuracy of dragonflies to catch their prey.  In an interview with Tech Xplore, Chance states, “I try to predict how neurons are wired in the brain and understand what kinds of computations those neurons are doing, based on what we know about the behavior of the animal or what we know about the neural responses.” 

As dragonflies reportedly catch 95% of their prey, being able to anticipate how their behaviour, the neurons in their brains are wired, may help Chance to apply this same knowledge to defense systems.

Imagine being mind-ready and being able to predict 95% of what could happen during teaching and learning?  How much more prepared, relaxed or ready would you be if you’re able to detect and visualize deflecting difficulties with aplomb.

I believe you can, by being mind-ready and flexible.  Seasoned and freshman educators can prepare by pulling their platinum powers centerfield.  Visualizing and creating counter-manoeuvres will help when addressing multiple intelligences, behavioural opportunities (?), yep! and handling complex demands.  The answer lies in simplicity.  Simplicity is key.

Choose to be positive.  Choose to see the lessons in ALL experiences.  Choose not to be stressed by increased demands from work, students, parents and family.  Choose to be flexible.  Choose to take GREAT care of yourself.  Choose to SCHEDULE nap times.  Choose not to consume yourself with anger due to someone else’s ignorance.  Choose to forgive yourself when you’re not being your best self.  “In the next moment, I shall be better.  I release the negativity of this situation.” Choose to say “NO” when needed and with no explanation(s).  Choose NOT to be afraid to make mistakes.  Choose to think the thoughts that will help you to feel and be who you were born to be.  Choose to be patient with yourself.   For worry truly is like a rocking chair, it will give you something to do, but it won’t take you anywhere.”

Award-winning Aerospace Engineer and NASA Rocket Scientist Olympia LePoint shares that “every decision that you make reshapes your brain.  Our thinking defines our life.  When we can take hold of our thought and see it for what it is and change it and transform it to convert it into energy that unleashes brainpower that allows us to change the situation, that my friend is how we change our lives and that’s how we change everyone else’s.“

” Negotiate a river by following its bends.  Enter a country by following its customs.” Cambodian proverb:

Educators who are visiting a new country or school for the first time may want to keep this proverb in mind as it shall serve you well.   Please do not negatively compare the children you’re teaching to those in your native country.  Prepare your mind to see that you are part of a great honourable adventure and you have accepted a position to teach, learn, share and grow.  And you shall. 

Remember, you are the difference. There is no other you on the planet.  There never has been and there never will be.  THIS is your superpower.  Prepare your mind to receive the gems of your journey, to be challenged, to rise and to be flexible – like water.

How Can Teachers Prepare Their MINDS For A New School Year?  Anticipate the unknown, bouts of discomfort and triumph. Think the thoughts that will get you to how you want to feel.  Your positive thoughts are your valuable assets that will grow your portfolio.  Ready your mind by playing the music that elevates your soul.  Take care of and believe in yourself.  Envision doing well and you shall.   You may start now. 

By Lisa Fátimah

Lisa Fátimah is a globally recognised bilingual educator, writer, broadcaster and gifted native English speaker from Brooklyn, New York, USA. By offering exclusive multi-sensory LAPTOP & LEARN online tutorial instruction, Lisa empowers Dyslexic, ADHD, ESOL, at-risk and gifted students. Lisa’s Email:;