Boredom, Yawning, Nerd.
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Boredom, Yawning, Nerd.

I have six weeks left of school — SIX. It seems like forever from now. My teacher friends back ‘home’ are currently enjoying their summer break. Granted when they go back in early August I’ll be floating in a pool still sipping bevies, but that doesn’t help right now when I am ready for summer break.

This is in no way a slur against my students. I love them. I’m just burnt out and the 100-plus (wait I should use Celsius: 40 plus) temps aren’t helping any. It’s also been almost a year since I’ve seen my own children, and I’d really like to get back to putting the awkward into a room like only a mother can — and then I’m off again giving them a chance to go back to missing me.

But, I’ve got some time left, and I still have a job to do. So, I’ve been keeping myself busy to avoid watching the clock hands move ever so slowly. I type this knowing new hires are desperately counting their days to get here while I’m counting down leaving for vacation. Interestingly enough, what’s working to help me out here might also work to help ease their wait time as well.

First off, book up that free time and continue exploring where you live now. There’s always something new to experience, and it doesn’t have to cost you a penny — although let’s face it we like to spend, so do that too (within reason of course). Cannot wait to tell you all about my Emirates Palace weekend later in June (but that’s a blog post not yet born)!

Spend time with the friends you’ve made. It might be a long time until you see them again. Besides time always flies when you’re with the people who make you laugh.

Obviously, the same goes for time with your loved ones. In my case, it’s messaging through the Internet. We send each other silly notes and photos that won’t change the world or anything, but it reminds us of how much we love each other and why we’re related whether we like it or not.

Read that book or watch that movie you’ve always wanted to see. Trust me, it’s far more stimulating than torturing yourself with all the things you can’t wait to be doing.

Step away from the computer (after you finish reading this…) and go swimming or hiking (although that’s a little tough for those of us in the UAE right now) or whatever it is you need to do to get away from wasting too much time on your couch obsessing over tomorrow.

Speaking of which, I have a lovely balcony and the sun has been down a while, so it’s time for me to stop writing (although that is also one of my keep-busy techniques) and get back to enjoying that while chatting (probably about vacation plans) with my neighbours.