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Being home to more than 200 nationalities, one only needs to take a look around any mall in the UAE to see a variety of hair types, textures and styles. Whether the style is curly or straight, blonde, brunette or redhead, chemically treated or natural, one thing nearly everyone can agree on is that hair that looks clean and healthy, while being stylish is the main goal. The integration of a few recommended and tested hair care tips, in our daily routines, can be the difference between healthy and unhealthy hair.

Preventing Hair Fall

One problem many women complain about here in the UAE is hair fall. Some lay the blame on the UAE’s water supply. However, is desalinated water really to blame? Medical experts have weighed in on this with the consensus being that the chemicals used to make the UAE’s seawater potable can have drying effects on the hair, skin and scalp, but drinking more water to keep hydrated is a great way to combat the problem from the inside. Installing a water filter on the showerhead might be a way to solve the problem externally.

Restoring Moisture

There are many hair products on the market that promise to return dry and frizzy hair to its optimum moisture levels. You can find these shampoos, conditioner sprays and miracle creams in local supermarkets at low costs. Designer brands, which usually attract a heftier price tag are also sold in supermarkets and salons. However, Mother Nature has also given us many natural hair products that women around the world swear by.

Coconut oil, olive oil and plain yogurt are organic products that can be used on the hair and skin with confidence. Coconut oil has been proven to help moisturise the hair and also maintain its protein levels, while, olive oil’s fatty acids, have been shown to aid hair growth. Applied topically, yogurt’s anti-bacterial properties can help to relieve dandruff.

Healthy Diet = Healthy Hair

Also, remember the saying “you are what you eat.” One’s hair health can be an outward reflection of one’s diet. Keep the processed, fried, fatty sugary foods to a minimum and eat fruits, veggies and leafy greens to look your best. When your hair looks good, it’s easier to feel good about yourself and walk with confidence knowing you can take on the world.

By Alona Ballard

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