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Gratnells manufacturers and marketers of storage solutions used by schools in more than 65 countries worldwide, demonstrated its continued commitment to improving learning environments, and the learning experience, for children and teachers by sponsoring the keynote speaker, Sir Ken Robinson, the world-renowned author, speaker and adviser on educational matters at EDspaces in Kansas City.

Sir Ken’s appearance drew a packed house of more than 1000 delegates, receiving rapturous applause. He spoke for over an hour on the subject of allowing school children to express their inner creativity and achieve their individual highest potential by releasing them from the constraints of a system designed to force all students along a narrow path of tests and measurement.  He touched on many sensitive and emotional issues, clearly highlighting how ‘disadvantaged’ individuals have flourished when allowed the freedom to express themselves, and pursue their personal interests.

Sir Ken Robinson Speaking at EdSpaces Kansas.

In summary, Sir Ken explained the importance the whole learning environment plays in establishing a learning space where all individuals feel engaged and inspired to investigate and discover, embracing a rich learning experience, and becoming life-long learners. The speech was very well received, followed by many individual photographs and congratulations, and then a busy book signing on the Gratnells booth.

Gratnells exhibited a new prototype MakerSpace trolley at the show, which created a lot of interest and conversation, all extremely positive and encouraging.  They received excellent feedback from visitors to the stand, as well as ideas for further development, but the general consensus was that this was already an excellent design, and met the needs of many MakerSpace projects.

Some of the features on the trolley that were highlighted by visitors to the stand were that they liked the amount of storage available, its compatibility with fixed Gratnells storage systems, and the interchangeability of trays and resources between different pieces of furniture.