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DPS Academy Grade 7 students Dana, Rashmi and Lennox were the youngest presenters at this year’s YRoNS Conference

This is a chronicle of three of our students who visited Budapest to attend the 2015 Young Researchers of Natural Sciences (YRoNS) conference. Each year participating schools across the globe attend to discuss the latest information on science and the integral role of science in our lives. Participating schools had one project to work and present on. Additionally, it provided a wonderful opportunity for the students to visit Budapest.


Budapest is the capital Hungary, which boasts a population of 1.7 million people. A large number of residents speak the Hungarian. Other languages spoken in Hungary include, French, German and Russian among other languages.

So, how did this journey to Budapest start?

DPS Academy (DPSA) applied for the registration in the month of November. We asked students from the different Grade levels to indicate their interest in travelling with a chaperone to experience a new country. We had 3 interested students from the seventh grade, Dana, Rashmi and Lennox. These students were eager to attend YRoNS. DPSA went ahead and registered them for the conference.

While this the process had some challenges, these students received constant guidance from our Vice Principal, Ms. Bandana Lazarus, who chaperoned them to Budapest.

The Project

Our budding scientists were required to present a project at YRoNS. They brainstormed and chose ‘Fizzy Drinks’ to highlight the negative effects of the drinks on the younger generation.

They had an action filled 5 days from March 23-28, 2015. During this time they attended a number of presentations from students who were visiting from all across the world. The DPSA team had the youngest amongst participants.

While visiting Budapest, all three students were accommodated by Hungarian families who had agreed to host our students.

Below are excerpts from the student’s diaries where they share their experiences in Budapest. They thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with Hungarian families, meeting new friends and exploring the beautiful historic city.

Dana’s Diary

Brrrrrr! It was too cold! The temperature was between 2 degrees and 10 degrees Celsius. We landed in Budapest and were received by students from the host school at the airport. We were taken to the Eotvos Jozsef School where we met Istavan Sander (main organiser of this conference), completed our registration formalities and then proceeded to visit our host families. I was AWESTRUCK! The city is seeped in history and world heritage sites, which give you a glimpse of the wonderful eras gone by and how the country has maintained its past links.

Everyday, we visited tourist attractions such as the Basilica, museum and the Visegrad Castle. These places were so beautiful and majestic. We got great information about their origin, the people of Hungary, their likes, interests and ways of life.

Rashmi’s Diary

I LOVE DOGS! One of the first things I noticed was the number of dogs in the city! Dana and I stayed at our host’s house, where our Host Csilla (pronounced as Chiller) and her family took wonderful care of us. They took us for dinner and sightseeing.

The school was far off from our host family’s house, so we would walk a short distance and then take two trams to the conference. I realized the importance of walking and being fit and have promised myself that I will continue to walk a lot more than what I used to. In Hungary, a lot of people use the public transport. They are environment conscious, use cycles and reduce carbon footprint on a daily basis. Csilla’s family is comprised of her parents and two brothers. They took loving care of both of us. I hope someday, my family can be a loving host family to a visiting student! 

Lennox’s Diary

While one family hosted the ladies, I stayed with another wonderful family who took great care of me during my stay. Our mornings were filled with informative presentations ranging from topics about Herbal Cosmetics, Biology of Love, and magical powers of Indian Sciences to first aid and deodorants. We would have guest lecturers who would give us expert talks on how we can reduce fat from cooking methods, bad effects of sugar and many more health related topics which we always take for granted. On day 3 DPSA was to present the project.

We were very nervous before our presentation but our Vice Principal ‘Bandana ma’am’ reassured us. Her reassurance gave us tremendous courage to stand in front of these older students and present our project. Thanks to her guidance we were able to put on a great project!

Our TRIO says:

We hated the last day because we were going to leave this lovely city! The school arranged a fantastic farewell and we had great fun mingling with all our new friends from Germany, Slovenia, Hungary & Russia.

Their Recommendations:
  • Travel as much as you can
  • Meet as many people as you can
  • Make lifelong friends! We just did!

group foto

 - DPS Academy, Dubai