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Awards 15 GEMS teachers and staff for dedicating over 30 years of passionate and committed service to the cause of education 
500 honoured for 15 years and above of long-service
Recipients range from teachers and education supervisors to administrators

GEMS Education honoured 500 teachers and staff from 31 schools, for their continued and dedicated long service to the company.

The award ceremony, held at GEMS Modern Academy, recognised all staff who have completed 15 years and more, of committed service to the GEMS Network. With 12 of these individuals serving over 30 years, all of them are passionate employees that have helped influence the lives of the thousands of students that have been to or are currently in a GEMS School.

Sunny Varkey, Founder and Group Chairman of GEMS Education, said: “Our track record of high quality education in the region, over the past 55 years was built, grown and nurtured by our teachers and staff. We would like to thank and recognise each one for their dedicated approach to students and the wider GEMS family. They stand as examples of what the education sector needs today – a long standing commitment to students.”

The award recipients hold a diverse background within the education space, from teachers and educational supervisors to senior administration.

Zakiya Omran, Educational Supervisor at Our Own English High School – Sharjah, has been with the group for over 40 years. She explained how it all began, “I was interviewed by Madame Varkey and joined Our Own English High School in 1972, as a young 21 year old Arabic teacher, at the Bastakiya school in Bur Dubai. My 44 year association with the Varkey Group and subsequently GEMS Education has been a deeply enriching experience for me.”

Omar Macram, government relations administrator at Jumeirah College Dubai, began his career 32 years ago as an Arabic and Quran teacher at Our Own English High School. He explained why he chose to be in education within the same company for over three decades: “As teachers and educators we play multiple roles. We have to be mentors, leaders, friends and most importantly a team player with our students and other staff members. My time at GEMS Education has been rewarding both professionally and personally, as I have had the privilege to experience different roles within education, as well as to interact with students and staff from all walks of life and regions of the world,” he said.

Daisy Justus, a member of the GEMS Education community for more than 35 years and Head of the English department at Our Own High School in Al Warqa’a, owes her success as an educator to her students: “Teaching is a learning experience for me, an experience in which my students teach and inspire new ideas and philosophies. I cherish every moment I have had at the school, especially the days when the founder Madam Varkey was part of the institution. My most rewarding experience has been in being able to play an integral part in shaping the future of future citizens, as that is the power that education holds.”

“At GEMS Education we strive to ensure our students receive a world-class education, while developing a long-lasting love for learning. This can only be achieved through the continuity of committed, passionate educators, teachers and staff that create an environment in which children feel inspired, safe and excited to learn. It is very important that we recognize these members of staff,” added Sunny Varkey.

- GEMS Media