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Educators often have multiple responsibilities that often impact our personal lives. One area that is sometimes affected is that of giving proper attention to our own children. Being tired can be the norm after a long day of work. However, we should not allow it to consume us to the point where we neglect to give to them as well. This may seem like a daunting challenge, but that’s where understanding the uniqueness of time management can really give a different perspective. Taking the time to plan out your day can work wonders.

It’s smart. Use it!

Let’s face it we can’t recall everything especially after teaching for eight hours! It only takes five to ten minutes to type an activity reminder in our calendars and you won’t have to think about it afterwards. Each day, there is something new on your agenda, but spending quality time with your children remains the same. Your smart device is there to remind you. It is up to you to follow through by making the time that you have with your children count!

Time is the best gift

Setting aside fifteen to thirty minutes here and there will not only ease work related stress, but allows you to take the time to put thought into various activities that will keep your child’s attention. An example would be blocking a time in the evenings when you spend a few moments preparing a simple meal with your child. Always remember the messier the activity the better! Later in the evening another activity could be a thirty minutes painting session. Finger painting works well with younger children (2-3 year olds). Make the time for fun activities indoor and outdoors. Taking the time to do something they want to do gets them extremely excited and it also shows them we care.

Bond over games

There are numerous games that you can play that require a short amount of time that allows you to connect deeply with your children. From board games to video games, you can create many opportunities throughout the workweek or on the weekend that will help you to de-stress while enjoying time with your family. One fun idea would be to build tent out of blankets, pillows and other bedding. Turn the lights out, and tell stories with only a flashlight glowing in the storytellers face. Whatever you decide to do, the ultimate objective is meaningful time spent with your children. They need your attention and love because even though they may go to school and have their own teachers, they will never stop learning from you!

Turn up the music!

Whether it’s oldies music, instrumental or pop music, turn on the music. Allow your little ones to dance with you to burn some of their energy. Another fun suggestion would be to have a karaoke night. Allow your children to get in on the fun. Place the names of songs in a hat or basket and shake them around. The song that is selected is the song that has to be sung. To make this an even more memorable experience, record each family member. Later on, you can have some great laughs!

We are educators, and we love what we do. It is important that we take deliberate steps to show our own children, that we love them very much. There is a saying that says, “a little bit goes a long way.” Creating memorable experiences will be embedded in the memories of our children for years to come.

By PreSha Barnes

PreSha has been an educator for the past seven years. Originally from Houston, Texas, PreSha is passionate about empowering other educators.

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