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Taking a leap into the future of education, teachers and education experts shared their vision for the future of learning at an event hosted by Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

The event was hosted under the theme Area 2071, the UAE’s new innovation concept which focuses on fostering innovators passionate to solve important human challenges.

Speaking with educators at the event, Dr Abdulla Al Karam, Director General of KHDA said, “The future of education cannot be predicted but influencing educators can play a big role in inspiring change. This ongoing dialogue inspires all of us to go beyond the ordinary and look at exciting innovations that will shape the future of learning.”

During the What Works event, educators also heard insights about the Mars One project which hopes to establish the first human settlement on Mars.

Mikolaj Zielinski, a Dubai resident who aspires to be among the first 100 settlers on the red planet shared his views as he said, “For me, it is very exciting to be part of the Mars programme because there is no going back. I will stay there till the end of my life and contribute to the scientific advancement of human race.”

He also showcased artist visualisations of living capsules designed to make life on Mars a reality for the first settlers.

“It is an exciting opportunity to be selected among the first 100 hopefuls have who will make it to the next round of selection. Space exploration always fascinates young children and this journey to Mars is bound to inspire and encourage learners to engage with the subject deeply,” added Mikolaj.

Over the past six years, Dubai has hosted 29 What Works events featuring over 700 talks by international and local education experts.

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