From Classroom Practice to Thought Leadership: Tom Sherrington’s Journey

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Join us for an enlightening conversation with Tom Sherrington, a trailblazer in school leadership and teacher development. From his early days teaching physics and maths, Tom discusses how he became a thought leader. The episode dives into the transformative impact of his blog, TeacherHead, which has opened unexpected doors and enriched his teaching philosophy.

Tom shares insights on establishing a genuine presence in the digital education sphere, balancing personal experiences with engaging content for educators. The discussion also tackles the nuances of teacher influencer culture, the evolution of teaching observations, and the art of constructive feedback. Highlighting Tom’s journey from blogger to author, the episode explores his works like ‘Learning Rainforest’ and ‘Rosenshine’s Principles in Action’, culminating in his latest, ‘Learning Walkthroughs’. This episode is packed with rich stories, practical advice, and inspiration for educators at all stages of their careers.

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