From Classroom Challenges to Leadership Triumphs: Joanna Povall’s School Leadership Journey

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Join us as we explore the experiences of Joanna Povall, the TES Principal of the Year 2024, who shares her story of resilience and determination. Joanna recounts her unexpected career shift and the key moments that shaped her path, from managing challenging behaviours in Manchester to leading Wales International School in Abu Dhabi. Her motto, “never, ever, ever give up,” highlights her dedication and impact on education.

Step into the vibrant hallways of Wales International School, where Joanna has created a culture of solid morals and academic excellence. Learn about her innovative strategies for community engagement, including family events and open-door policies, which have enriched the school’s environment and inspired ambitious students. Joanna also discusses her work-life balance, finding peace in Abu Dhabi’s landscapes, and the importance of self-care for educators. As she shares her excitement for an upcoming trip to Ascension Island, you’ll be inspired and eager to pursue your own educational goals.

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