Members of the Focal Point Consultancy Management team at the recently held Teachers' Idea Forum in Al Ain.
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Members of the Focal Point Consultancy Management team at the recently held Teachers' Idea Forum in Al Ain.
Members of the Focal Point Management Consultancy team at the recently held Teachers’ Idea Forum in Al Ain.


“Real teachers, real ideas for real classrooms” – Focal Point Management Consultancy

When Teach UAE Magazine heard about the Teachers’ Idea Forum, we thought it is definitely an event that is in keeping with our own goals of connecting, developing and empowering educators in the UAE. It is with this in mind that we made our way to the second staging of the event. We were impressed.

The United Arab Emirates is the home to a mixed group of inter-disciplinary educators essentially comprising of local and expatriate educators. It is vital that educators who call the UAE home find interesting ways to inspire, develop and empower each other in order to facilitate personal growth as well as to improve the educational system here. The idea of facilitating a forum in which educators can share ideas, resources and information with each other came to life in October of last year (2013) when Focal Point Consultancy Management planned and executed the first Teachers’ Idea Forum.

They are a team of consultants and trainers, each with a wealth of expertise and proven management experience both regionally and globally. In keeping with their theme of impacting people, they offer educators workshops, training and forums in which participants receive requisite resource materials, ideas and strategies presented by fellow educators on how to improve in their respective subject areas.

The latest instalment of the Teachers’ Idea Forum was held on February 25, 2014, at the Multaqa Auditorium, UAEU Social Club, and had an impressive turn out. Over twenty-seven (27) schools were represented by educators ranging from both private and public schools. These schools offer various curriculums inclusive of British, American, Indian and Ministry of Education (MOE).

After completing a quick registration process, participants made their way inside the auditorium. The event sponsor Al Noor Hospitals Group, greeted those present and offered on the spot blood pressure and blood glucose checks as well as vouchers with 50% discount on the Flu Vaccine.

The forum which was hosted by Fiona Duerden, featured nine presenters inclusive of her colleagues Judith Finnemore, Head of Consultancy at Focal Point, Amine Hamdan Consultant and Penelope Schofield along with several educators from schools in Al Ain.

Presenters expounded on topics such as Classroom Management Strategies, Using Origami to engage students across the subject areas, Selective Mutism, Differentiation in Practise, Building Inter-Cultural Intelligence and Project Based Learning among other useful educational topics.

The presentations flowed smoothly as each presenter found interesting ways to expand on the topics by employing the use of multi-media devices, physical exercises and games which involved the audience.

The presenters interact with audience members during the Q&A segment of the forum.
The presenters interact with audience members during the Q&A segment of the forum.

Once the presentations concluded, educators had the opportunity to participate in a Q&A segment with the presenters. Each person who registered and attended the event received a certificate that is recognised by ADEC as the equivalent of three hours of professional development. They also receive an email containing all evening’s presentations and links to the resources that were used.

The Teachers’ Idea Forum is gaining traction and is positioning itself to promote even more good practice among educators. The forum’s popularity has spread to Abu Dhabi where there is a high demand for it to be held there. One thing is certain; those who attended last night’s event left inspired, informed and excited to try some of the ideas that were shared.

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