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If you are tired of going through the motions with the same seemingly mundane after work routines, why not shake things up? Now could be the right time to try a new hobby that challenges you and takes you outside of your comfort zone. Creativity is not only needed for the classroom, but also in our daily lives after the bell. The goal is to possess the willpower to plan and follow through with a new hobby that can enhance the time spent outside the classroom.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Cooking Classes

Whether you enjoy cooking or not, this is a satisfying new hobby to challenge yourself with. The joy that you will feel after creating a delicious gourmet dish will have you hooked on serving up other tasty dishes in no time. Cooking classes can be fun and therapeutic. There are coupons online offering amazing deals at restaurants and personal classes led by gourmet chefs. If you adventurous, you can use YouTube and Google for some recipes to get creative with. Remember to share the fruits of your new hobby with friends. Who knows, a few might join you at your next cooking class. Go out, have some fun, and cook something new!


Ever wanted to capture those special moments as a real photographer? Now is the time to go for it! Do some research to see which camera best suits the type of photography that you prefer. Invest in a semi professional camera and enroll in an after-work photography course. If you great at learning on your own, YouTube has numerous tutorials to get you started. If you get really good at it, this could also become second income stream for you!

Swimming/Water Play

Swimming improves vitality and helps you get in shape. Water aerobics is one way to release “happy” endorphins and have fun just playing in the water. If your skills are a little more advanced, a few laps in the pool or surfing at the beach are also fun.


If you have been consistently complemented on the ideas that you share, you might want to look into creating a personal Vlog. Vlogging entails making interesting videos on topics that resonate with others. Vlogging allows you to share your interests, record activities and interact with your audience after the video has been posted. There is a wide range of topics that you can explore. Be sure to check out other Vlogs online to see what others are doing.


Sewing can be therapeutic. From fancy throw pillows to cute outfits, sewing can introduce you to a world of creations. There are a variety of ways to learn how to sew. Blogs, Vlogs and how to videos are just a few ways to learn more. Sewing is diverse and involves some amount of trial and error in the initial stages. However, with a little effort, beautiful pieces are created. Once you get really good at it, sewing is a great way to help you save and/or make money.

By PreSha Barnes

PreSha has been an educator for the past seven years. Originally from Houston, Texas, PreSha is passionate about empowering other educators. She is also a Teach Middle East Magazine Blogger.