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PreSha PP

This was a very exciting week… my daughter and hubby received their passports. Whew! That’s one more important task completed. However, two weeks ago things were different. It proved to be a somewhat challenging process trying to obtain the passports.

First of all, it was pouring rain when we arrived at the library to take pictures and submit their applications. When it was our turn, the representative told us that we included the fee for the city in the state fees, and we had to go get another money order or cashier’s check. We left the library and went to get two more money orders but the bank that we went to only issues cashier’s checks.

So, sixteen dollars later and two hours of running around looking for a parking spot for the bank that was only two blocks away… (Yes, I know what you are thinking! We didn’t know but we could have walked!)… We finally got everything taken cared of!

We mailed our marriage license and daughter’s birth certificate to be authenticated. That was a whopping $39.99 because we processed it overnight and the pre-paid postage for it to be returned is overnight as well.

Now, we wait for those documents to be returned so we can complete the authentication process for those documents. It’s all a waiting game but I am excited about the entire process!