Examining The Rapid Decline of Children’s Physical Ability with Darlene Koskinen

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The rapid decline of children’s physical ability is not only noticeable by people like me who work in the area of movement with children every day. We as adults can make a positive difference to improve this whether it be a parent, teacher or carer. The academic and physical well-being of children depends on it. The learning of coordination skills need to be taken more seriously and at an age when both the brain and the body benefits. I provide tips as to when and where purposeful movement can be implemented through the day both in kindergarten or during family time. Getting children to move early and well needs, to be taken seriously in the immediate future. The detrimental outcome of insufficient movement can have a life-long negative effect on children.

Bio Darlene Koskinen: I am born in Zimbabwe, but have been living in Finland for 13 years now. Presently I run my own teaching business for the last 10 years. I teach karate to children and adults as well as purposeful movement to children ages 2 to 7 years. Over 30 years of hands-on teaching experience of children of all ages and abilities. In addition 13 years with children of determination, focusing on physical development.
I am the founder / CEO of MoovKids, an online movement program focusing on the physical development of young children. By supporting adults on how to and why to teach movement well, I hope to make a difference in the physical development of children worldwide.

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