Empowering Future Leaders: Insights from Hazel Govender

Reading Time: 2 minutes

What does it take to navigate the path from apartheid-era South Africa to becoming a school leader in UAE education? Join us as we sit down with Hazel Govender, Principal of GEMS Cambridge International School in Abu Dhabi. Hazel shares her compelling journey, revealing the motivations that brought her to Abu Dhabi in 2015, including the quest for financial stability and a safer environment for her children. Discover the numerous benefits of living in the UAE, from enhanced safety and financial freedom to rich cultural diversity. Hazel also reflects on her love for South Africa and her dreams of retiring in Durban while emphasising her dedication to inspiring others within the education sector.

Explore the theme of future school leader succession planning, as Hazel highlights the importance of early identification of leadership qualities and investing in current staff for sustained business continuity. She discusses her philosophy on trust, delegation, and turning failures into valuable learning experiences. On a lighter note, Hazel shares her passion for cooking, favourite recipes, and kitchen routines set to 80s music.

 We also delve into her travel dreams, from magical moments in the Serengeti to aspirations for future trips to Greece and Egypt. Hazel wraps up with a heartfelt message to educators and parents, encouraging perseverance and community support throughout the school year and promising rejuvenation during the summer break. Tune in to be inspired by Hazel’s incredible journey and insights.

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