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Mark Ryan

I’m originally from Canada (Ottawa to be specific). However, I left the cold in 2006 and never looked back! I have been in the education field for the past 14 years. That being said, my first job at 16 was working with youth at the Boys and Girls Club, so I would have to say, I have been in education for my entire adult life.

My career journey is unique. I started down the regular route as a classroom teacher in 2006. However, everything changed when I was offered an opportunity to have my own children television show in 2010. From that point, I was hooked on creating educational content for a larger audience. I had three television shows in Hong Kong, a radio segment for the Beijing Olympics, a vlog column for a Hong Kong tabloid and now a podcast in the Middle East.

My podcast is called “RunAndRant” linked to my successful twitter hashtag. I started the podcast in 2019.  When I started the podcast, the aim was to connect teachers within my school (Al Raha International School). Then, connect teachers within our parent company, Taaleem. Then, connect teachers in the Middle East and Worldwide.

I try and publish content every week. My podcast can be found on all major podcast platforms anchor/Apple/Spotify, among others.

I want to connect teachers and link educators at conferences and forums where teachers are already active with sharing their voice.  

I hope to be one of the leading voices on educational podcasts in the Middle East.

I’m active on twitter – trying to help educators connect personal health (fitness) and career goals. I am also starting a creative arts YouTube channel with my children.

It’s important that people share their voice and allow others to learn from their experience. We are all in this together.

Connect with me on twitter: RunAndRant I hope we find a balance between the digital and the “real world”. I also hope educators become role models for content creation and digital citizenship.