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Ben Cooper

My name is Ben Cooper, and I am the creator of the WAGOLL Teaching blog. I have been in education for 15 years, starting as a class teacher in my home city of Manchester, UK. This is where my blogging began, focused on my passion for teaching and learning. In 2014, my wife and I moved out to Dubai, where I started teaching at GEMS Wellington Al Khail. Over the years, I progressed as a leader, which has led me to become Vice Principal of the Primary School. Dubai has brought exciting travel opportunities as well as a greater outdoor lifestyle!

My Podcast is titled WAGOLL Teaching. It was first published one year ago to go alongside the vlogs I was creating for newly qualified teachers. WAGOLL is a term used in the UK which stands for What A Good One Looks Like. WAGOLL Teaching is simply about sharing great teaching ideas that can be implemented immediately in the classroom.

I produce a vlog weekly, although it purely depends on when I have time to record a new episode.

WAGOLL Teaching can be found on all major Podcast sites.

WAGOLL Teaching bases itself on the idea of microlearning. Teachers are busy people who struggle to finish their lunch, never mind dedicating long periods of time to developing themselves. Microlearning is all about learning small amounts of high-quality content, often. I just want to keep sharing great teaching tips in bitesize chunks. Most of which are ideas that I used, or I have seen being used in my school. I would love to dedicate more time in putting other teachers in front of the microphone to share their tips in order to broaden and diversify the ideas and content.

WAGOLL Teaching started as a blog when I was back in the UK and has grown from there into a Vlog and Podcast. The feedback over the past eight years has been fantastic. I have been nominated for multiple awards for my blog’s content. Creating great resources is also part of what I do. Literacy WAGOLL is a website full of example texts for children to refer to when writing their own short stories, whilst WAGOLL Teaching shares some more generic resources focused on reading and behaviour visuals.

It is so important for educators to share great ideas and the best way to do that is by creating digital content – be it a blog, vlog or social media post. Teachers supporting teachers is fundamental!

WAGOLL Teaching is on all major social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube.

My educational wishes are:

  • More project and child-led learning
    • More social enterprise digital tech to support learning in disadvantaged learning communities
    • A greater focus on teacher wellbeing – happy teachers make happy pupils!