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Jeremy Williams

I am from a small town called Crown Point, Indiana, located in the United States of America. This is my 15th year in education. I started as an elementary Mathematics teacher in the United States, then served as an Assistant Principal, Principal and Superintendent of 4 schools. I then moved to Al Ain to serve as Head of School at Manor Hall International School. My family and I wanted a new experience, and that, it has certainly been!

My Podcast is called Dismissed with Jeremy Williams’. The Podcast started in 2017.

The goal of starting the Podcast is simple. I want to connect with people. Even if only one person makes a connection with an episode, it’s worth it to me. I really enjoy doing it.

I’ve slowed down a bit, but I’d ideally like to drop a new episode weekly.

The Podcast can be found anywhere where you can listen to podcasts (iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, etc.).

My goal is just to keep making more episodes. I hope more and more people find the issues I’m discussing compelling, and that the podcast brings them new knowledge.

I currently focus on LinkedIn and Twitter. So, feel free to connect with me.

It is important for educators to create content, especially when people are trying to learn about you or your school. As the head of a school, I know teachers who have signed up to work with me, just because they felt like they got to know more about me through my content.

Twitter – @jwilliamsEDU LinkedIn –

My greatest wish for education now and in the future are:

  • That every young person in the world has access to education that can prepare them for the future.
  • That schools start to change in a substantive (not superficial) way to prepare people for the future economy.
  • That K12 schools begin to work more closely with industry so that students are actually getting “career” ready.