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  • Fatma Al Marri: Innovative language practices by Arabic teachers will open up new opportunities in the future

Teachers from Dubai’s private schools discussed new ways to make Arabic learning fun at a future themed ‘Living Arabic’ event hosted at Jebel Ali School by Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) on Saturday.

More than 250 educators from over 90 private schools participated in 13 sessions at the third event for Arabic teachers this academic year. Bridging the gap between educators and content creators, a dedicated Arabic Language Lab aimed at enhancing students’ skills during the event.

Fatma Al Marri, CEO – KHDA Dubai, said, “By highlighting efforts to make Arabic learning easier for students, we are encouraging educators to explore innovative ideas that can open up new opportunities in the future. Looking at the future of Arabic language and its status as one of the main sources of knowledge has always motivated us to listen to our students and understand their needs and expectations for the way they want to learn Arabic.”

An Action Research initiative at Living Arabic hosted 21 research projects, with 50 Arabic teachers from 20 schools participating in the initiative. Schools participating in the initiative exchanged ideas and learned more about research and its importance in early childhood education and teaching and learning Arabic both inside and outside the classroom.

Educators shared an emphasis on four basic skills: reading, listening and conversation skills for native and non-native Arabic learners in Dubai.

“Developing research programmes and projects to assess teaching methods can provide accurate information that can help teachers and decision-makers to develop effective and innovative educational plans to explore the future of education and Arabic learning,” she said.

“Our vision at Jebel Ali School is based on the importance of instilling the love of Arabic for our students to be part of their success in the future,” said Jackie Bear, Director of Jebel Ali School in Dubai.

“We have to prepare future generations to be ready to adapt to the various challenges, to have the flexibility to adapt to the fast-paced world, and to adopt innovative ways of teaching that will build innovative and creative minds that can adapt and meet unexpected challenges,” she added.

Senior officials from American University in Dubai, CfBT and parents also attended the event.