Education in The Middle East: Trends and Growth with Shaun Robison

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Join us as we unravel the business of education in the Middle East with our special guest, Shaun Robison, CEO of BBD Education and GSM Middle East. Together, we explore the growth and trends in the education sector, delving into the fascinating transition from publicly run schools to private operators running government schools and more.

Shaun shares his personal journey from academia to the real world and sheds light on the complex cycle of public and private spending often seen in the region. We get candid about the disconnect between academics and policymakers and how global politics influences this gap. Discover the implications of the region’s population surge on the education sector and the importance of investing in international education. Don’t miss this insightful conversation with Shaun and Leisa Grace.

Shaun Robison is the CEO of BBD Education and GSM Middle East. He is an entrepreneurial, senior professional who has delivered exceptional results across the MENA education sector. Shaun has worked with investors, operating companies, consultants, teachers, and government regulators to plan, license and deliver projects and grow education businesses.

 Shaun is passionate about education and entrepreneurship and has an excellent mix of commercial and educational competencies, having published several research papers in academic journals, including a recent one titled “Is the UAE Ready for a Teacher Educator Framework?”

Shaun has also been an Advisor to the Executive Council of Dubai and the Ministry of Finance, Oman, and a major bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as two of the world’s largest school groups, with over five hundred schools between them.

 Shaun holds a PhD in Education and is also a Governor for IDEA Early Learning Center and is a regular contributor to the Business Breakfast Show on Dubai Eye Radio, the prime-time slot in the mornings.

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