Eat Well, Learn Well: Discussing Student Nutrition Lauren Hughes

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Ever wondered how much of a role nutrition really plays in student education and well-being? Together with Lauren Hughes, the well-being coordinator at Repton Abu Dhabi, we unravel the importance of this often understated factor in children’s educational journey. Our conversation uncovers the explicit need to engage in dialogue about well-being, given the vastly different world our children are growing up in compared to past generations.

We further explore the power of nutrition on children’s cognitive function, emotional regulation, and learning ability. As we uncover the crucial role parents play in shaping their children’s dietary habits, we hear heartening feedback from parents at Repton Abu Dhabi, gradually embracing the importance of nutrition. It isn’t about achieving perfection but rather about making progress towards healthier dietary habits for their children.

Lauren generously shares about a project she helmed at Repton Abu Dhabi focusing on student well-being. We talk about the importance of having a safe space where families can share their food and mealtime challenges. We also stress on the critical role of expert help, the power of delegation and the potential of a strong Parent-Teacher Association in fostering sustainable change. We conclude by reinforcing the importance of self-respect, valuing one’s body and the integration of healthy eating habits into daily life. It’s not just about the food we eat, but the respect we show our bodies and ourselves. Join us for this insightful discussion.

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