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The desire to enjoy a balanced lifestyle is one that most teachers can identify with. After a long day of work, some teachers hit the social scene for a bit of networking or fun. From coffee dates to the movies, dinner parties to networking socials – the events can be numerous. In the Middle East, teachers are expected to dress more conservatively for the classroom, but after the bell, there are a wide variety of social events taking place. This presents a bit of a challenge for teachers who have social engagements taking place shortly after work hours.

If you don’t want to be late for your engagement, a solution would be to bring a change of out t to work for a quick change, once the bell goes. It is unlikely that you will be released early, to go home. For some teachers, the next option would be to make a mad dash for the car park in order to get home in time to change. How about transforming your ‘conservative’ out t without the extra bag of clothing or mad rush?

You may already have all the essential items inside your wardrobe. Perhaps all you need is to be more creative when putting an out t together for the evening. It is important to consider this when you go shopping. Many staple pieces are excellent transition pieces from morning to evening wear. As educators, we are so focused on being school appropriate, that we tend to shy away from shiny, sparkly or even risque clothing outside of school hours. Take a walk on the wild side every now and then, and wear something that makes you stand out.

It’s actually simple to wear the same outfit from classroom to an after school engagement, once you have a key foundation piece. Below, I have highlighted some very versatile pieces that require little styling effort to go from day to night.

Here are the 7 tips for an A+ outfit

1. If you don’t own a blazer, get one! It’s an easy and classy way to change up your look without much fuss. Throw on a blazer to automatically dress up or down your ensemble.

2. Got great legs? Show them off in sleek style. A pair of leggings striped in leather will convert easily between the hours and won’t get too hot as you make the evening light up!

3. A pencil skirt? A crisp, classic skirt defines chameleon dressing: sexy and sophisticated, night and day.

4. Ruffled blouses are a great style option. These flouncy tops add a professional touch to daywear. They are also quite classy for an evening look.

5. The Shift dress. Whether it’s an afternoon garden party or evening drinks, you’ll be sitting pretty. The classic shape is playful yet refined, making it a sophisticated choice for both occasions.

6. Dresses form a crucial part of easy- to-wear wardrobes. There’s nothing more nifty and thrifty than one that doubles for both professional and social events.

7. Make a statement with your jewellery. Bigger is better for evening. You can’t go wrong with a bit of sparkle, especially if your starting point is a simple dress or slacks and cardigan without much embellishment.

By Natasha Feghali

Natasha is an English/French Second Language Specialist teacher, DELF/DALF French instructor and AIM educator from Canada. She is the recipient of the Caring Canadian Medal in 2015 for her work in the community and education. She currently lives and teaches in Kuwait. To connect with Natasha, visit her blog at