Portrait of cheerful female student in library
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Portrait of cheerful female student in library

World-renowned wellbeing experts and the educational community bring What Works back to Dubai academic calendar

Teachers, school leaders and educators from all private schools in Dubai will meet with an impressive line-up of world-renowned positive educators and international wellbeing experts to share their insights for creating happier schools and happier student educational communities in Dubai at the all-new What Works event taking place 28 September at Mohammed bin Rashid Academic Medical Center, Healthcare City, Dubai.

The hugely successful What Works series – the education event organised by schools for schools – is now in its fourth year and is responsible for the growth and quality of private education in Dubai, has evolved to become a significant platform for educators from private schools in Dubai to collaborate and share best practice to advance the way we teach and learn in Dubai schools.

What Works Wellbeing will see more than 600 schools leaders, teachers and students working with experts from around the world to discover new and innovative ways to make students, teachers, staff and parents at schools in Dubai happier and healthier.

The topic of wellbeing in schools has become a prominent and important area of discussion in Dubai following international research proving that learning outcomes of students can be significantly enhanced in line with the development of their academic and personal health and happiness.

Mouza Al-Suwaidi, Chief of Engagement at the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) explained: “We know that by placing value on the wellbeing of our teachers and students, the education community can improve learning outcomes for students, which is directly in line with the Dubai Innovation Strategy and National Agenda goals.

“What Works Wellbeing is a platform to connect teachers and students with positive educators and wellbeing experts who then together as a community use their knowledge to make a tangible difference to how we approach student learning in Dubai. It is a truly inspiring way for the What Works creators – Principals from our schools – to give every opportunity for academic and life-long success to all teachers and students in Dubai,” Al Suwaidi added.

For this academic year, some significant changes have been made to the event. Each of the six events during the 2015/16 school year are now based on themes rather than subjects, making each What Works relevant to all teachers of students of all ages. This change means that every event is for every teacher. Not only that, the topic of each What Works in 2015/16 is based on ‘next practice’. This means that each session and workshop at every What Works will bring educators in Dubai the latest thinking and research to drive school improvement, encourage more learning and engagement and promote innovation.

- What Works, KHDA