Dubai College Students Enjoy Another Successful Set Of A Level Results

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Dubai College students are enjoying another highly successful set of A Level results with 62% of all examinations taken resulting in an A or A*. Exactly one-third of the College’s most recent leavers have achieved all As and A*s and seven students are celebrating after gaining a full house of A*s, an achievement as rare as it is spectacular. Head of Sixth Form, Bobby Trivic, said of the results that “all of our students should be very proud of their achievements. Against an ever-changing educational backdrop, they have once again proven their academic pedigree, whilst still somehow finding time to excel outside the classroom. To achieve one A* requires multi-disciplinary expertise, so for a quarter of all examinations taken to result in this grade is a testament to the learners’ and teachers’ dedication and talent.”

These examination successes have once again opened the doors to the most hallowed university destinations around the world. Over 50% of Dubai College’s students will be heading to the top 1% of institutions across the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands, including students who are now preparing their satchels for Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Melbourne and many more. We congratulate our students on each of their successes to date and wish them luck for the next steps of their lifelong learning.

Headmaster, Michael Lambert, adds that “I am deeply impressed with both the dedication of the staff and the resilience of our students. Not many people realise that Dubai College has grown by a third in less than a decade and all the time in the face of increased and ever-changing regulation at home and abroad. Whereas in 2011 we had 97 students sitting 301 examinations, in 2019 we had 132 students sitting 480 examinations. To maintain such consistent quality in such an inconsistent educational climate is very reassuring for our parents. Crucially, however, we need to remember that examinations are only a means to an end and not an end in themselves. The fact that 59% of our students received an offer the top 1% of universities worldwide, a new school record by a country mile, is what makes our collective efforts worthwhile.”