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A delegation headed by Tariq Al Gurg, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Cares, part of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, global initiatives, took part in a field visit to Rwanda to monitor and evaluate the progress made by the two programs Which were launched in 2017. The first program focusses on improving the quality of education in early childhood, while the second program works on youth empowerment.

The “early childhood education” program, which came under the name of “Promoting School Readiness in Rwanda”,  is being implemented in partnership with the “voluntary service abroad” (VSO ) In Nyamachika County, one of the largest and poorest provinces in the country. The program aims to prepare 2,520 children aged between 3 and 6 years for the regular school environment.

Commenting on the importance of this program Tariq Al Gurg, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Cares , said: “There is a great need for the provision of early childhood education in Rwanda, and we are proud that Dubai Cares plays a pivotal role to bridge the gap in this area in line with the Ministry of Education ‘s strategy.

The delegation also met with HE Hazza Mohammed Al – Qahtani, the first ambassador from the UAE in Rwanda, which stressed the pivotal role that Dubai plays to enhance the education sector in the country, adding that “this year marks ‘the year of Zayed’, the founding father of the United Arab Emirates which inspires us and encourages us to lend a helping hand to developing countries, where we strive to continue his charity through helping others.

The delegation to Kigali also checked on the progress made in the Dubai Cares program, which comes under the title of “Partnership for Learning and Innovation”, which is being implemented with the Foundation “Education!” (! Educate ). The program worth 3.6735 million AED aims (1 million US dollars), to make a quantum leap in secondary education through the provision of practical and vocational training in schools to pave the way for young students for leadership roles in the future, enabling them to learn entrepreneurship alongside the more traditional curriculum subjects. The program also supports the national government ‘s education policy and curriculum reform aimed at increasing young Rwandan chances for success in education and employment, as well as enabling teachers to implement government reforms. The program benefits 16,000 young Rwandans directly in 175 schools spread across 11 districts in the republic.

Commenting on the impact of the program so far, Tariq Al Gurg said: “Young people in Rwanda are currently facing large gaps in the skills and abilities needed for work. Through our program, we are working to empower young Rwandans.

The delegation also had met with His Excellency Dr Eugene Motimora, Minister of Education of Rwanda HE Isaac Munyakazi, Minister of State of primary and secondary schools; Dr. Usta Kaitsa, Executive Vice President of the Board Governance APR; HE Kamali Amy Fabienne, Mayor Nyamachika County, in addition to a number of senior officials.