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Asking for a raise or promotion can often be an uncomfortable, nerve wrecking and awkward experience. Figuring out exactly what to say can be extremely difficult to master. Below are a few pointers that you can keep in mind when thinking about asking for a raise or promotion.


Research job roles and salary ranges for similar positions in the area. In the UAE, location of schools and school rankings with the school ministry zones can affect the pay grade of teachers. It is important that you ask for a reasonable salary and benefits. If you find that your school is offering below the normal asking rate bring evidence of this – but proceed with caution. While you may be allowed to negotiate, you don’t want to make a demand that is out of the reasonable range.


Approach the situation with a positive attitude. A positive attitude can go a long way and open many doors. A positive person tends to gain the confidences of others quickly. The ability to inspire confidence and loyalty is a hallmark of an effective and successful educator.

List your best ideas for change. Education is constantly evolving and with the National Agenda for Education, UAE schools are seeking to develop skills for the 21st century. Bring along a list of ideas that you have that will contribute to the school improvement journey. Be specific about what you can lead. Share ideas that you have to help the school meet identified goals and help drive change at your school toward 21st Century learning and the National Agenda.

Know the school’s strengths, areas for improvement and student data trends. The new UAE framework for inspection relies heavily on student data and how schools are effectively using data to inform learning. This is a key part of the unified schools’ inspection framework. To ensure that you capitalise on your chances for a promotion or a raise, show how you will collect and make use of data to drive instruction appropriately.


Don’t be afraid to use the words ‘us’ and ‘we’ when talking about your school. Concentrate being as collaborative as possible. Consistently use we and us when talking about school goals and actions. Remember, there is no I in team and that a leader focuses on the whole team and not just an individual. Change has to involve every stakeholder Describe your ideas on how the school can build capacity and provide support and accountability as a team.

Don’t just talk about what you are doing in your classroom; show what you are doing. Celebrate your accomplishments and bring evidence. While it is important for you to show that you are a team player, this is also your time to shine. Having a portfolio of your student’s projects is a sure way to celebrate your work, your classroom management skills and students’ work.

Don’t forget to carefully plan out points you would like to discuss during the interview. You could possibly say something potentially harmful to your career if you approach your employer in the wrong way. Not planning ahead could lead you to pointing out your own flaws instead of your strengths. It can also result in unintentionally painting your co- workers in a negative light. This could lead to potentially troublesome situations if you do get that promotion. Always plan ahead and make sure that you get it right!

By Chassie Selouane

Chassie Selouane has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre & Education, a Master’s of Education Degree – Curriculum Instruction with a Specialization in ESl. Chassie is the Director of Learning at SAIS-Dubai.

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