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Transforming education through promoting passion, curiosity, and healthy wellbeing is what brought D3 Consultants (based in Bahrain while operating in GCC and MENA) and New Nordic School (based in Finland) together partnering up to fortify their vision in the GCC and MENA region. The signing ceremony took place at the international GESS conference in Dubai on Feb 26, 2020. The partnership event was attended by Ms Rima Al Kaissi, Managing Partner of D3 Consultants, Mr Mohanned AlAnni, Managing Director and CEO at D3 Consultants, Pia Jormalainen, CEO and Co-Founder of New Nordic School, and Stephen Cox, Chief Education Officer of New Nordic School.

D3 Consultants is proud to announce that this partnership is geared to providing existing K-12 schools and early childhood kindergartens as well as new schools with the best practices of the Finnish educational system through the Nordic Baccalaureate curriculum, professional development, and improvement of quality standards across all services provided by schools. Both D3 Consultants and New Nordic School believe that global competency skills coupled with future skills and a strong academic foundation provide students with a solid path of growth and excellence. “We invested in providing students with a healthy journey combined with intrinsic motivation and love for life-long learning through our vast experience in the educational market and understanding of the culture and vision of the nation’s leaders,” said Mohanned AlAnni, Managing Director and CEO at D3 Consultants.

The partnership aims at providing schools who are using different curricula across the GCC and MENA region with the necessary support to build capacity and sustain improvements through effective implementation services that develop collaboration, trust, and continuous improvement. “We aim to motivate students of all ages to benefit from extraordinary learning, driven by curiosity and challenge, inspiring passion and confidence,” said Rima Kaissi, Managing Partner at D3 Consultants.

Honourable Marianne Nissilä, Finnish Ambassador of United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain Commenting on D3 Consultants Signing Partnership with New Nordic School Company said “I am very happy to witness this signing ceremony between New Nordic School and D3 Consultants from Bahrain, I think it’s a wonderful step to building a bridge between Finland and Bahrain and I am personally happy that it’s happening in Education where every Finnish I believe is willing to share the know-how and the lessons learned we have gained in developing our Education system. We are also very much listening to other peoples’ experiences and hope the process will be learned from Bahrain and the other countries that will be part of the cooperation”.

Mrs Pia Jormalainen, CEO and Co-founder of New Nordic School, expressed her great happiness with this partnership, which in turn aims to transfer the successful and distinguished reputation of the Finnish educational system to have a global impact. “We are passionate about making a positive difference in the learning journeys of students around the world and this partnership opportunity will help us achieve our vision of global impact by providing schools with the necessary technological tools, skills competencies, and upskilling through professional development to help students find their true passions and reach their highest potential.”

Mr Stephen Cox, Chief Education Officer at New Nordic School added, “We understand the challenges associated with improving the quality of the education in the region and we recognize the need to establish strong local partnerships with those who have a presence on the ground. Collectively we can deliver the continued improvement to prepare students with the skills they will need which delivers the countries vision and shape their own future.“

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