Conquering the Fear of Mathematics and Navigating AI’s Role in Education with Vibeke Gwendoline Fængsrud

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Have you ever felt like math was an insurmountable mountain, no matter how hard you tried to scale it? Vibeke Gwendoline Fængsrud, masterful mathematician and educator, joins us on the Teach Middle East Podcast to recount her incredible transformation from math struggler to passionate teacher and how she now helps others conquer their maths fears. Through our engaging conversation, we dissect the critical importance of a solid mathematical foundation, pinpointing the common setbacks caused by overlooked learning gaps. Vibeke’s approach to prioritising diligence in homework is not just about getting it done, but mastering it deeply, a lesson that resonates far beyond the mathematics classroom. She underscores the remarkable dedication required by teachers to adapt their methods to a spectrum of student needs, shining a light on the heroes behind the scenes of education.

As we navigate the evolving terrain of artificial intelligence, its encroachment into the realm of education beckons a discussion on the fate of human jobs and the vital, unchanging significance of literacy and numeracy. We address the growing gap that AI might forge between the tech-savvy and the less informed and the pressing need to prevent a societal split. Delving into the heart of teaching, we celebrate the human qualities of empathy and care that AI has yet to mimic, recognizing these elements as the lifeblood of education. Join us for this thought-provoking session that intertwines the narrative of personal triumph with the broader implications of AI in our lives.

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