HE Hussein Al Hammadi, Director General at the Ministry Of Education.
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HE Hussein Al Hammadi, Director General at the Ministry Of Education.
HE Hussein Al Hammadi, Minister Of Education.

The coming academic year “will be a year for change”, according to Hussain Al Hammadi, the Minister of Education.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Government Summit, Mr Al Hammadi said the established curriculum should be designed accordingly with the input of UAE leadership.

“Competencies and skills required from teachers will be defined on the basis of this curriculum, allowing teachers to teach the subject on the basis of creativity and innovation. The new plan will be applied in activities performed at school and that are essential to achieving innovation in teaching. This will not affect student achievement.”

Mr Al Hammadi explained that 17,000 teachers will be subject to around 80 hours of professional development training during the academic year. This training will not affect teacher productivity, days off, leisure time or social life.

He noted that the Ministry is in the final stages of reviewing policies relating to teachers licensing, reported Al Ittihad, the Arabic language sister paper of The National.

Mr Al Hammadi said that “the Ministry is looking for a new qualification system for teachers in both the second and third cycles.”

The license will allow a mapping of teachers performance and abilities on the basis of which appropriate plans will be established for the development of skills for an educational plan and government initiatives.


– The National