Challenging the Traditional Curriculum: A Vision for The Future of Education with Meena Wood.

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What if we told you that the future of education lies in a radical departure from the traditional curriculum? This episode takes you on a journey through the innovative ideas of Meena Wood, an experienced school leader, author, and inspector, who challenges the status quo and envisions a future where curriculum puts students and their individual needs at the centre. We dissect crucial issues such as the disconnect between what students learn and what the job market requires, the transformative potential of career portfolios, and the influence of artificial intelligence on the workforce.

We delve deeper into the realm of curriculum development by examining the creation of a ‘pathways curriculum’ for secondary education. Meena sheds light on the advantages of a curriculum that allows students to choose subjects and skills in line with their career aspirations. Our conversation takes an interesting turn as we navigate the unique educational landscape of the Middle East, especially Dubai, with its cultural diversity and distinctive challenges.

Finally, we attempt to gaze into the future of education where AI and critical thinking coexist, enabling students to thrive in a rapidly evolving job market. We also reflect on the role of gratitude in teaching, particularly in the Middle East. As we wrap up, we express our concerns about the prevalent practice of comparing students and schools based on exam results, which results in many students feeling left behind. Join us for a thought-provoking episode that pushes boundaries and sparks hope for an education system that truly caters to the needs of its students.

Meena Wood is an international speaker, educational trainer, author and leadership

Meena is the author of the popular ‘Secondary Curriculum Transformed; Enabling Allto Achieve’ (Wood and Haddon, Routledge 2021). Since its publication, this book has led to a series of training webinars in the UK, Northern Ireland, Dubai, and India and features on the core reading list for the MEd in Educational Leadership (University of Birmingham). Alongside publishing articles for Schools Week, Teach Secondary (UK) Edge Foundation, Chartered College, and Royal Society of Arts, she is a keynote speaker at Educational Conferences in the UK, Dubai and India, including the British Schools Middle East (BSME), Eduexcellence (India) and the Foundation of Education Development.

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